About RITE

Beginning in October 2020, the Primary Prevention Mobile Health Unit (MHU), through the University of Arizona, and Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) began working together to mitigate the unexpected burdens from transitioning to remote learning, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. RITE is a product of this relationship; and the program continues to grow and transition based on the needs of the community.

In addition to RITE being a great resource for parents, students and teachers, RITE is also a great opportunity for High School students to tutor a student within their own zip-code. Each RITE tutor will be trained on concepts, such as cultural competency and how to be the best possible tutor for their tutee.

The RITE Program

Under the "Parent Resources" section, you can find many tools to help with the transition to ​virtual education or to gain information . Your child's success and safety is a priority and while the transition to virtual learning can be challenging, our team is working to ensure your child's success.


RITE tutors offer understanding, motivation, and learning assistance when working with your child. School work can always be a challenge, but the transition to online learning can present unique obstacles in education. The tutor program allows for a one-on-one connection with a certified High School student that demonstrates and prioritizes academic success.


RITE tutors have undergone a unique training program, certified through the University of Arizona, to best provide and adapt to the unique needs of the child they tutor.